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Welcome to the Mary Ellen Rose Law Firm


Kansas Family Attorney with over 30 Years Experience


I am attorney Mary Ellen Rose of the Mary Ellen Rose Law Firm, in Overland Park, KS. For over 30 years, since 1978, I have represented men and women who sought realistic, cost-effective legal advice before, during and after a divorce. My practice focuses exclusively on family law matters, including divorce, parentage, custody, parenting schedules, asset division, and support. I also have experience valuing small businesses and closely held corporations, which is necessary when determining how these assets are to be divided in the property settlement.


Throughout my years of experience I have established professional relationships with a variety of experts who can testify in all matters related to domestic disputes. I also have experience as a case manager in domestic dispute cases. I have handled difficult jurisdiction and international cases involving the UCCJA, UCCJEA, and the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.


As a mother and a grandmother, I believe in family and will counsel you not only with respect to your legal rights, but also with a genuine concern for what is best for you and your family.


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If you are a resident of Johnson County, KS, and need realistic, cost-effective counsel on a divorce or domestic relations matter, please feel free to contact me.